Best Camping Gears for Beginners

Camping is the best way to enjoy nature. We have camped several times, especially in the national parks and state parks across the USA. We have traveled with our camping gear a lot of times to stay in the different campgrounds. 

One time we traveled to Denver to visit Rocky National Park to see a Meteor Shower. The best way to enjoy this phenomenon was to stay under the sky. So, we chose to stay in a campground in Rocky Mountain National Park. What a night it was! We saw so many shooting stars. Also, recently, we stayed in a campground to enjoy the fall foliage in New Hampshire. So, we thought why not share all the details of the camping gear we carry in our car and some time on a flight also. 

Top 10 essential things for a camping trip
Camping in woods

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Here are the list of our essential Camping Checklist

1. Camping Tents

Of course, camping tent is an essential part of a camping trip. Choosing a tent is not so difficult, though I would suggest understanding your needs and buying the one that is a good fit for you and your family.  

We use this basic camping tent for all our camping trips. It is good for 2 people and protects from wind and rain. However, it’s not suitable for cold and harsh weather. If you plan to camp in winter season, you might want to check an all weather camping tent. Along with the tent, I would suggest to buy this accessory which will help you to pitch a tent.

2. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bag is another essential part of a camping trip. It keeps you warm and cozy at night. We use this kind of sleeping bag which is good for a summer trip. 

However, if you are planning to do camping in a colder weather, I would suggest to check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag before buying. You can checkout this sleeping bag for colder temperatures.

3. Mattress or Sleeping Pads + Pillow

A mattress or a sleeping pad gives you cushion when you are sleeping on a bare land outdoors. Mattress or Sleeping pad can be of different types. It depends on where you plan to camp.

We personally use this one which we usually carry for camping road trips. It definitely helps to sleep better at night outdoors. And this one is good for backcountry camping as it is lightweight and you will be able to carry.

If you are planning to camp somewhere cold, I would suggest to checkout this heated blanket for warmth.

4. Headlights, Flashlights and Lanterns

HeadlightsFlashlights and Lanterns are essential to camp overnight as it is gonna be dark(mostly) at the camping site after sunset. It is definitely handy in case you reach the campsite at night and want to pitch a tent (writing this based on our personal experience). And also, if you want to make bathroom trips in the middle of night !

Tip – In case you forget to carry any of these, you can use IPhone/mobile torch light.

5. Camping Stove

If you are planning to cook a meal or want to heat water for your coffee, a camping stove is the best answer. We bought this camping stove which is enough to cook a quick meal in the woods. Based on your preference, you should make your purchase. Also, you need to buy butane and propane along with the stove. 

6. Cooler

cooler is a good option, if you want to carry dairy products, drinks or any perishable items. There are different types and size of coolers, so make your choices per your needs. 

7. Camping cooking utensil

You got the camping stove + all the items in the cooler, now you need camping cooking utensils to cook and serve – Cookware & Camping Essential

8. Camping Chair + Folding table

Usually, in a campground there is a place for fire and a picnic table to enjoy. However, having a camping chair and a folding table handy is always a good option.

9. Portable Charging device

Staying outdoors means there is no place to charge your device. Carrying a portable charging device is the best option if you have multiple devices to charge. Being content creators ourselves, we like this for our long outdoor road trips.

10. First aid kit

Being outdoors, it is necessary to carry a first aid kit especially the bug repellents.

Other things to carry

1. Always carry multiple layers as the weather can change anytime.

2. Carry at least basic toiletries in a toiletry bag that you can hang on a wall.

Things to know before your camping trip

Before heading to any camping site, I would suggest to check if it is first come first serve or you need to reserve online or at the site. We reserve mostly in the State parks and National Parks via You can also use Hipcamp to find camping sites.

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