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We are Priyanka & Pranjal, Indian Couple currently living in the USA, planning to make one travel story at a time. We are not full-time travelers but travel on weekends, national holidays, and time off from work. Our goal is to tick as many adventures as we can around the world and explore as many countries as we can visit with our time and resources. 

We have traveled to 27 Countries so far. We are in love with local cuisines, natural landscapes, chasing sunrises & sunsets, starry nights, and road trips. We’ve snorkeled with colorful fishes in Bahamas, Watched Manta Rays doing flip-turns at night in Hawaii, Kayaked at night to feel the blue rays of bioluminescence in Puerto Rico, Hiked 12 miles (round trip) to see Glaciers in Canada, Got stuck at night in the middle of a forest trail in Alum Caves, Ridden camel in Rajasthan, Bungee jumped in Thailand, Scuba dived in Bali with locals, Witnessed Aurora dancing all over the sky in Alaska to list a few.  Since moving to the USA, we have been to more than 25 National Parks which made us fall in love with nature even more! 

After exploring many beautiful places, I (Priyanka) have created MrnMrsTraveler to document our travel stories from around the world and aim to inspire our readers to travel and discover new destinations. Hope, these blogs help someone to plan their memorable trip. If that someone is you, please drop us a message I would love to hear from you guys. 

Thanks for reading our Blogs!