A winter trip to Lake Placid, New York

Visiting lake placid in winters was something on our mind for few years. We finally visited for a weekend trip in January 2021. It is a picturesque town located in mid of the Adirondacks Mountain range. In winters, the town turns into a white wonderland. Mirror Lake and other lakes around the place freeze and turn into a big playground for dog sledding, ice hockey, snowmobiling, and more.

We always thought enjoying the outdoors in winter includes skiing only. Breaking news! it is not. There are a lot of things to do apart from skiing in winter and here are the few we enjoyed.

Toboggan chute

Omg! It was a thrilling experience in freezing temperature. Don’t miss it, if you are in the area or wherever you find one. 

Dog sledding

Take a short ride with Huskies on the frozen lake. It is a fun filled 5 -10 minutes ride. 

Sip hot Chocolate

Sipping hot chocolate in winter is a must and Emma’s Creamery is the best. Whenever we crossed the shop, we bought one. haha!

The drive

There are so many scenic roads around. Take your time and at least drive one. The snow and mountains make everything looks beautiful, just speechless.

Stay in a cozy resort

We stayed in Golden Arrow Resort. The property is amazing, right in front of Mirror Lake and right on the main street. We had a room with a partial view of Mirror Lake and the streets.

Walk around the Frozen lake

Lake Placid town sits beside the beautiful Mirror lake. In winters, the lake turns into this gorgeous white wonderland. If you have not seen a frozen lake along with a charming town – spend a weekend here.

Wonder the streets

There are a lot of shops and restaurants around the town. The best way to explore would be roaming around the main street and enjoying the cute winter town vibe.

There are few more things we would love to do next time like Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, a Gondola ride to the White Mountains (closed this time for non-skiers), and winter hiking. 

The summers in Lake Placid are amazing too. There are a lot of things you can enjoy around the area. Check out our summer blog for more.

Traveling in winter is fun if prepared well. So, carry all kinds of warm layers with you. With that note, I hope this blog inspired you to take trips in winters and have fun. Pin it or Bookmark this page for future travel.

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